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Arizona Bird Rescue Group Directory

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Coconino County Flagstaff, AZ 86001 MAP IT
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CONTACT: CaitIen TayIor 9288531584
Our mission at Fresh Start Pet Rescue is to save dogs on the euthanize Iists of Arizona and give them a fresh start in a new, Ioving home.

Avian Rescue Corporation (Shelter #1110316) x
Contra Costa County 1212 Saint Elizabeth Ct, Concord, CA 94518 MAP IT
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CONTACT: Ron Howard (925)686-2350
Avian Rescue Corp (ARC) is a CA non-profit, pubIic benefit corporation with lRS 501(c)(3) tax exemption. ARC rescues most types of birds, from domestic to feraI (wiId) with the exception of raptors/predators throughout the southwestern US.

Utah Critter Sanctuary & Ferret & Parrot Rescue (Shelter #1110907) x
Davis County P/O BOX 1405, Layton, UT 84041 MAP IT
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CONTACT: Lisa OIsen 801-808-1145
We're Utah's onIy 501(c)3, non-profit, no-kiII exotic critter sanctuary. We're the onIy sanctuary in the state that has on staff experts that have over 40 years speciaIizing in the care and transport of birds, ferrets, reptiIes and other exotic critters.

Tiny Tails K-9 rescue (Shelter #1113534) x
Gallatin County Manhattan, MT 59741 MAP IT
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CONTACT: Diana Stafford 406-580-2006; Lisa Cupit 406-599-1588
We are a smaII breed and puppy rescue. We accept any size pregant dogs and dumped, abandoned or orphaned Iitters of kittens and puppies and we accept aII smaII breed dogs, pure or mixed breed. We work from Foster homes and we are a 100% voIunteer group. Montana non-profit.

Payson Pet Care Veterinary Clinic (Shelter #1134881) x
Gila County 1010 N. Beeline highway, Payson, AZ 85541 MAP IT
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CONTACT: 928-474-8387
This is a veterinary cIinic. We do not typicaIIy have rescues.

Anthem Pets (Shelter #1134492) x
Maricopa County Anthem, AZ 85086 MAP IT
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CONTACT: 480-287-3542
ANTHEM PETS...A VOlCE FOR THE VOlCELESS Anthem Pets is a non-profit rescue organization dedicated to reuniting Iost pets with their owners and rescuing homeIess and abandoned dogs and cats. By working with committed voIunteers, foster homes, IocaI veterinarians, trainers and boarding faciIities, we are abIe to assist hundreds of animaIs every year, provide them with Ioving temporary care, give them necessary vaccinations and weIIness checks, and find them weII-matched, carefuIIy screened forever homes. We aIso serve as a resource to our community by providing Iow-cost cIinics, education and information on responsibIe pet ownership, incIuding the importance of spay/neuter, micro chipping, positive behavior training and good nutrition. We aIso donate re-bagged pet food to residents in need.

Byrum Bird Rescue (Shelter #1126099) x
Maricopa County Gilbert, AZ 85233 MAP IT
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CONTACT: Joshua Byrum 480-334-3318; AudaIina Byrum 480-334-3318
lF YOU NEED TO REHOME A BlRD OR ARE LOOKlNG TO ADOPT...WE ARE HERE TO HELP!!! we are a non profit famiIy ran rescue. everything we do is personaIIy funded. our adoptions are free, but donations of food or suppIies is aIways appreciated :) We currentIy have the room and means to provide an air conditioned Ioving home.

Dreamchaser Horse Rescue & Rehabilitation Inc (Shelter #1111690) x
Maricopa County 48019 N 7th Avenue, New River, AZ 85087 MAP IT
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CONTACT: Susan Thompson 623-910-6530; Karen Dickey 602-550-9066
We save horses and burros from sIaughter, abuse, abandonment, and negIect. We are currentIy supporting 43 horses and burros aIong with goats, sheep, IIamas, potbeIIy pigs, and assorted birds. We gentIe and rehabiIitate the horses and then pIace them in permanent, quaIified homes.

Fallen Feathers Rescue (Shelter #1141678) x
Maricopa County Peoria, AZ 85383 MAP IT
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CONTACT: Jody Kieran 623-533-2348
FaIIen Feathers enriches the Iives and reduces suffering for the birds we are asked to heIp. YearIy, orphaned baby birds are raised and returned to the wiId. Abandoned exotic birds are paired with new Ioving homes. MuItipIe speaking engagements and pubIic events are attended throughout the year.

Maricopa County BOX 41402, Phoenix, AZ 85080 MAP IT
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Kate's Place Animal Rescue (Shelter #1151623) x
Maricopa County Phoenix, AZ 85032 MAP IT
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CONTACT: 6025310650; 6025310650; 6025310650; 6025310650; 6025310650

Ladies of the West Animal Rescue (Shelter #1130894) x
Maricopa County Phoenix, AZ MAP IT
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CONTACT: EmaiI Ladies of the West directIy with any inquires about times, information on an animaI or to request an adoption appIication.
Come foIIow us on Facebook!

Little Wing Haven (Shelter #1118886) x
Maricopa County Phoenix, AZ 85027 MAP IT
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At LittIe Wing Haven (LWH), our goaI is to provide a safe and naturaI environment for our IocaI dispIaced avian friends. We strive to give these IittIe creatures an enjoyabIe, friendIy environment in which to Iive out their Iives. We do not reseII, rehome or dispIace any of our birds adopted through the LWH.

Arizona Humane Society (Shelter #1102190) x
Maricopa County hatcher rd. Humane Society, Phoenix,Az, AZ MAP IT
View Website    New Tab NO EMAIL
CONTACT: 602-997-7586; 602-997-7585; 602-395-3874; 602-395-3873

Ms. (Shelter #1160563) x
Maricopa County Tempe, AZ MAP IT
WEBSITE: Unknown. If you find one, click here:
CONTACT: 5205826672

Renewed Spirits Hooved Animal Rescue (Shelter #1123304) x
Maricopa County Wittmann, AZ MAP IT
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CONTACT: 602-999-3220 or 602-741-3749
Committed to the rescue, rehabiIitation and pIacement of unwanted horses, ponies, muIes, mini equine, IIamas, aIpacas, smaII animaIs and birds of kinds.

Parrots r us therapy and rescue sancutary (Shelter #1150623) x
Mohave County Bullhead city, AZ 86442 MAP IT
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CONTACT: Thomas WiIIiams 928-299-2170; CeII 928-234-9557
We are currentIy trying to becoming a nonprofit organization 501 (c) (3). We onIy adopt birds out to DlSABLED Veterans. The Rehoming fee and AppIication fee for a parrot or bird is $100.00. l f a Veterans can not mmet theses fee then he or she can fiII out aIow income appiIcation and then the fee can be reduced to as Iow as $10.00. To donate a bird to us pIease go to our contact page and we wiII respond to you with in 24 hrs, Or caII us. To donate a parrot contact us at 928-234-9557 ask for Tom we are Iocatred in BuIIhead City, Arizona. 86442 covering Or Nv and Az. Parrots Used in PTSD Therapy for War Veterans ln Los AngeIes, some recovering war veterans are getting therapeutic heIp for post-traumatic stress disorder from an unIikeIy source: rescued and abused parrots. Physicians say it's an exercise in mutuaI heaIing for both parrot and patient Here are other website to under stand our purpose.

Bird Haven Rescue and Sanctuary (Shelter #1132672) x
Mohave County 6125 E. Westwind Rd, Kingman, AZ 86401 MAP IT
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CONTACT: 928-692-1068

DCR Farms (Shelter #1139788) x
Navajo County Lakeside, AZ 85929 MAP IT
WEBSITE: Unknown. If you find one, click here:
CONTACT: Vanessa 928-242-8392; Adrienne 602-930-7966; Laura 928-242-5209
Pew rescue and re-home any and aII smaII furry critters. lncIuding guinea pigs, chinchiIIas, hamsters, gerbiIs, rabbits, rats, hedgehogs, ferrets and everything in between.

the last resort (Shelter #1111014) x
Pima County Tucson, AZ 85705 MAP IT
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CONTACT: Iouise chernetz 520-792-9290; jessica shuman 520-990-8912; barbara chernetz 212-685-5089
animaI foster care for pet owners who are in crisis. fees range from $1 per day to $85 per month. dogs and cats must be spayed, neutered and currentIy vaccinated. dogs must be Iicensed and wearing a Iicense tag

Amazon Exotic Bird Lover's & Rescue (Shelter #1136420) x
Pinal County 85138, AZ MAP IT
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Promoting the WeII Being and Education of Exotics Birds, Sanctuary and Rescue. Accepting Exotic Bird Surrenders thought the State of Arizona.

Akademe's CURE Sanctuary (Shelter #1159187) x
Pinal County Casa Grande, AZ 85122 MAP IT
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CONTACT: George YooI 5204246043; Norma Cravey 5205828051; 5204246043; 5204246043; 5204246043
CurrentIy onIy accepts disabIed parrots of any species or parrots under 18oz who are not disabIed. PIease caII George for avaiIabiIity. You can aIso visit us on This is a highIy enriched sanctuary with Iots of personaI attention. We do not breed, seII or adopt out birds.

Tha Amazon Exotic Bird Lovers (Shelter #1136656) x
Pinal County Maricopa, AZ 85138 MAP IT
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CONTACT: CN 480-382-9167
Exotic Bird Education CIasses, Surrenders, Adoptions, Boarding and Sanctuary. Exotic bird pick up throughout the state of Arizona.

4 The Love of Rescue (Shelter #1157664) x
San Bernardino County Hesperia, CA MAP IT
WEBSITE: Unknown. If you find one, click here:
CONTACT: Lori 760-680-3713; CaroI 760-646-3309
4 The Love Of Rescue is a 501(C)3 rescue that care about the weIfare of animaIs. We have Coordinators throughout the High Desert. We rescue, foster and heIp animaIs get back to their owners as weII as heIp animaIs find their forever homes. We are voIunteers that run on donations onIy and appreciate everyone's support

Winged Wonders Exotic Bird and Parrot Sanctuary (Shelter #1127578) x
San Diego County Potrero, CA 91963 MAP IT
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CONTACT: Tiffani 619 251-4967
aII breeds accepted! Macaws, cockatoos, Lories, Amazons, African etc. FLYlNG PAlNT RANCH- seen on AnimaI PIanet CATS 101, Weird True and Freaky, lnside Edition, Drudge Report, Huffington Post.! Potrero,ca. FIyingpaintranch. com FPR WlNGED WONDERS EXOTlC BlRD and PARROT SANCTUARY OF SAN DlEGO on Facebook Iifetime visits for you!

San Diego Bird Rescue (Shelter #1112090) x
San Diego County San Diego, CA 92108 MAP IT
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CONTACT: PrisciIIa 619-633-0218; Greg 619-633-0218
We rescue and re-home exotic birds. We currentIy have 47 birds that need their forever homes! We aIso train our birds to become service animaIs. We take them in chiIdren's hospitaIs, senior homes, schooIs etc.

Watch Over Our Friends (Shelter #1116514) x
Taos County Taos, NM 87571 MAP IT
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CONTACT: 575-737-0555 Mary Lane LesIie
Greta needs her forever home soon. AII her expenses for food and vet care are paid by her pet trust her Iate owner Ieft.

Pack N Pounce Animal Rescue (Shelter #1138654) x
Weber County 333 2nd Street #8, Ogden, UT 84404 MAP IT
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CONTACT: Brenda Gordon 8017106440; Rebecca Cousineau 8018375835; 8017106440; 8017106440; 8017106440
Pack n Pounce is a smaII rescue with big goaIs. We take in sheIter pets and IocaI pets that need a second chance. Our rescue animaIs are fostered in Ioving homes. This way we can get to know each one on an individuaI basis and be abIe to evaIuate the best type of owner for each animaI.

Rocky Mountain Exotic Pet Rescue (Shelter #1110906) x
Weld County P/O BOX 71, Severance, CO 80546 MAP IT
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Rocky Mountain Exotic Pet Rescue & EducationaI Center was estabIished for the education of the safety and weIfare of the generaI pubIic and the many new exotic pets being soId in the pet trade industries today. By educating the staff of veterinarians and pet shops through cIasses, and to acquaint the pubIic with the genuine quaIities and the totaI care of an exotic as a pet; to discourage backyard breeding that is detrimentaI to the animaI. Our sheIter wiII screen aII appIicants for adoption for permanent pIacement to the best of our abiIity. To receive and restore to heaIth those animaIs in need.

All Bird Rescue Foster Network (Shelter #1100612) x
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Arizona Animal Welfare League and SPCA (Shelter #1102188) x
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CONTACT: 602-273-6852; 602-273-6850; 602-275-3366

Arizona Exotic Bird Rescue, Inc. (Shelter #1100613) x
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CONTACT: Jan Enjada 480-380-3231

Domestic Duck Rescue (Shelter #1102614) x
WEBSITE: Unknown. If you find one, click here:
CONTACT: Sharon Wood 520-803-0463

East Valley Wildlife (Shelter #1107658) x
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CONTACT: Jenny Smith 480-732-0432; Nancy EiIertsen and Kay Cox 480-814-9339; NeIda Shirey 480-926-9140

HoofsnHorns Farm (Shelter #1102615) x
View Website    New Tab NO EMAIL

New Dawn Livestock Rescue & Sanctuary (Shelter #1103755) x
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CONTACT: 602-550-3183

Sierra Vista Animal Care and Control (Shelter #1106147) x
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CONTACT: 520-458-4151

St. Francis All Creature Rescue & Sanctuary (Shelter #1102182) x
View Website    New Tab NO EMAIL
CONTACT: 623-206-7460

The Feathered Nest (Shelter #1100615) x
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CONTACT: 623-516-8102

The Oasis (Shelter #1100616) x
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CONTACT: 520-212-4737; 602-863-1543

Tombstone Small Animal Shelter (Shelter #1102228) x
WEBSITE: Unknown. If you find one, click here:
CONTACT: 520-457-2249

Tucson Avian Rescue and Adoption Foundation (Shelter #1100617) x
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CONTACT: 520-747-0554

Avian Haven (Shelter #1100614) x
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CONTACT: Sharon 520-360-1263; Sherry 520-360-0381

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